Thursday, December 4, 2008

Benjamins in the trash basket!!

Ok, it has been quite some time since I felt that there was something noteworthy enough to write about (or "blog" about for you new age types with your new vocabulary). Anyway, recently our United States Congress decided to take your money, my money, and all of our taxpaying Mexican migrant workers money and piss it away to bailout Wall Street.
Why you ask?
I will explain.
It is actually quite simple, ridiculously easy to understand and unless the Earth's magnetic poles flip-flop and spin us right side up the solution will probably never happen. Now, I used the analogy of Earths poles flip-flopping because that is actually happening again and I said right side up because currently the taxpayers of our country are all upside down getting their pocket full of jingle shaken out and into the coffers of Wall Street brokers, bankers, loan sharks and money printers (The Federal Reserve), all of whom are businesses not government entities.
So, without further ado, I give you the answer to why these criminals were bailed out. There are three main causes of this money being spent and misused. They were bailed out (1)because Wall Street and Congress are incompetent. Also, because (2)Wall Street played risky games with the money creating a balloon in the financial market and Congress allowed them to do so by deregulating money lending and investment laws. They call it a balloon because of the characteristics of a real balloon. Real balloons work either by creating a difference in air pressure (hot air) or by holding something lighter than the air around it (helium, hydrogen, etc..) You could liken this to inflation. Inflation works the same way. In fact, it is inflation. Balloon = inflated currency, prices and actual worth = BAD!
The final cause of this catastrophic mistake, and probably the most important thing we as Americans should know, is (3) the Federal Income Tax!!! In The Constitution of The United States of America (I believe it's Article III), it PLAINLY states that Congress (and only Congress) shall be authorised to print currency and that Congress shall not be allowed to impose a direct tax (income tax) on the people. Back then that meant Congress couldn't tax corn you sold at the market if you were a farmer. Congress couldn't directly tax anything that you did or were employed to do for a living or any service you provided to make money. Now, we have The Federal Income Tax...for most of you, your money goes into the Government's pocket, before you ever even hold it in your hand, by being deducted from your paycheck. That is a tax on labor you provide to make a living and IT IS ILLEGAL.
Now, you may ask, if not for income tax then how would the Government get taxes to fix the roads and yadda yadda yadda? Well, the answer to that is, through a thing called excise taxes or indirect taxes. Example: sales tax on products you buy (think Boston Tea Party!) Property taxes do not apply as your property could be used to make a living. Now you may be thinking... Well, why would it make a difference? I'm paying taxes either way, direct or indirect who cares right? This is why YOU should care...this is why THEY take your money and misuse it to bailout incompetent thieves.
When YOU are taxed indirectly, YOU have the POWER to BOYCOTT the products being taxed just like they did in the Boston Tea Party. The circumstances surrounding this BAILOUT is exactly the same reason that we revolted against the English and became our own country, The United States of America, The Greatest Country in the History of the World! Our Forefathers started a Revolution over TAXES. When you willingly give your money to the Government through directly being taxed your POWER to BOYCOTT is gone. Politically, in The United States of America, you have the right to VOTE. What YOU were never told is that financially in The United States of America, YOU have the choice to BUY or BOYCOTT just as if those two things were Presidential Candidates.
So, if you, like me, do not agree with our Government bailing out Wall Street, Ford, GM, Chrysler and whoever else shows up for a free meal after they already stole the eggs from the hen house then next election make BANNING the INCOME TAX your top priority.

Friday, September 28, 2007

JENA 6...

----I was glad to see that Mychel Bell was released from jail yesterday, after an appeals court decided that his conviction as an adult was total bullshit. Finally, someone in the Judiciary System has been educated well enough to understand that if at the age of 18 you are a legal adult, and you happen to be the age of 17 , the rule doesn't apply to you.
----So, they kicked it down into juvenile court "where it belongs."
----I can totally agree with that. You don't get to beat anyone's head into to ground in this country without some punishment. Sometimes I wish that wasn't the case but I try to follow the rule of law anyway. And I know that Dr. MLK Jr. would never have condoned such behavior from one of the sheep in his fold but common sense would tell any white boy in America in this day in time that if you hang a noose from a tree near the black folk or any other folk then if you so happen to receive an ASS WHOOPIN' with extreme prejudice and discrimination, you my fellow American deserved every last bruise or broken bone.
----I'm not condoning violent behavior for any reason other than self defense in this blog. But white boys hanging nooses up in a tree near black folk could be misconstrued as a threat to said black folks life and physical well being.
----And a word to all the racist's out there, who I have no means to convince them that their views are WRONG....I hope you can fight well enough to take on six black fella's should you decide to repeat this action elsewhere.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


-----So, it's come to this, huh? What the hell!?! Have we neglected reading NORMAL Cliff's Notes, to saying 'Fuck it, I'm renting them from Blockbuster?' Please tell me I'm DREAMING!!! Is this the way of today's slacker? Whatever happened to beginning book the night before the exam? Passing out on page 12? Waking up, knowing you're fucked? Passing the test with a 'D?'
-----This particular film version of 'LORD OF THE FLIES' pales (and I mean Silas from 'The Da Vinci Code') in comparison to the '63 version. Oh, I know, it's in black and white, and the kids are whinny English fucks...but the central theme, from the NOVEL by William Golding, remains true and unscathed. I'm not so sure one's GPA will reap the same benefits. Of course, if someone's at WAL-MART buying a Cliff's Notes study DVD, his GPA is probably shit.

According to wikiPedia, Cliff's Notes began in a Nebraska bookstore, when in 1958, Clifton Hillegass met a Canadian who owned a group of study guides, Coles Notes. 'B.L.A.M.E. C.A.N.A.D.A.'
-----Cliff adapted the idea for the States, and his idea really took off. American students like short cuts, apparently. Like all successful businessmen, Hillegass SOLD OUT in 2001 to John Wiley & Sons, a 1.2 billion dollar publishing company, known for such great literary classics as 'Webster's New World' dictionaries, Betty Crocker cookbooks, and the '...For Dummies' series.
-----Is it too late for the marketing team to re-package this mind-raping product as 'READING...FOR DUMMIES?'